Intelliun was founded in 1998 with the primary goal of empowering end-users to automate their everyday activities. Initially focused on businesses, but with the rapid advancement of cloud computing, mobile technology and social networking, Intelliun is broadening its focus to include individuals and families alike.

Building on its advanced Model-Driven Development (MDD) Technology, The Virtual Enterprise (VE), Intelliun is launching a new cloud-based service, iume, scheduled for public release Summer of 2015.

iume is a unified cloud platform for social networking, collaboration and automation of activities, whether personal or work oriented. It takes the best of social networking to businesses, and the best of collaboration tools to individuals and home use, resulting in a great foundation for today’s digital life. It also includes an AppStore and browser-based rapid development tools for application developers to develop, share, market and promote their Smart Apps and cloud services.

Learn more about iume through the following usage scenarios:

Even though iume will be available for the first time to the general public this year, it has been used in production by over 40 companies and thousands of users across the globe and in several industries for over 3 years now. This experience gave us a lot of information for improving user experience in terms of usability, scalability and availability. We are very excited about sharing this technology with everybody and we believe that you will as excited in using it.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing more technical details, demos and a concrete release dates. In addition, we will be announcing an early access program for individuals, businesses and application developers. If you would like to stay informed of our progress, please follow us on any of the social media outlets.