The Virtual Enterprise
"Intelliun's technology is an evolutionary step for the software Industry that will revolutionize corporate IT functions and exponentially increase the value companies realize from the application of software technology."
Greg McGee,
Business Planning Manager
A Leading Global Systems Integrator

The VE/Designer is an integrated environment for model-driven development and integration of n-tier applications and Web services. Built on top of NetBeans, an open-source Java based IDE, it can be used on a wide variety of operating systems and platforms. VE/Designer is the main tool used by a developer to build VE applications.

The Virtual Enterprise (VE) is the only platform that supports fully executable UML models for the development and integration of n-tier applications and Web services. With VE/Designer, a developer with a good understanding of the target domain, sound analytical skills, and no programming experience can build a fully functional application by modeling the domain objects, processes, and rules.

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  • Significantly reduce the time, cost, and risks associated with software development and integration
  • Enforce better software engineering practices, resulting in higher quality software
  • Leverage existing IT resources with minimal training
  • Eliminate the need to staff up with highly scarce resources
  • Reduce the need for building large teams, thus, minimizing inherent overhead and productivity loss
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