The Virtual Enterprise
"There are a lot of dated VisualBasic, COBOL and 4GL-based applications out there running on proprietary platforms. Sun servers, Java and VE provide great vehicles in which to migrate to the Web, as either applications or services in a highly scalable open platform architecture."
Katni Venkat,
Sun Microsystems, Inc

The VE/Designer is an integrated environment for model-driven development and integration of n-tier applications and Web services. Built on top of NetBeans, an open-source Java based IDE, it can be used on a wide variety of operating systems and platforms. VE/Designer is the main tool used by a developer to build VE applications.

The Virtual Enterprise (VE) is the only platform that supports fully executable UML models for the development and integration of n-tier applications and Web services. With VE/Designer, a developer with a good understanding of the target domain, sound analytical skills, and no programming experience can build a fully functional application by modeling the domain objects, processes, and rules.

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  • Significantly reduce the time, cost, and risks associated with software development and integration
  • Enforce better software engineering practices, resulting in higher quality software
  • Leverage existing IT resources with minimal training
  • Eliminate the need to staff up with highly scarce resources
  • Reduce the need for building large teams, thus, minimizing inherent overhead and productivity loss
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