Everyday Life

Today, social networking is part of our everyday life. We use it to stay in touch with friends and family across the world, and to share our thoughts and experiences. We share our everyday encounters, our political views, celebrations we attend, our dreams and aspirations, and everything in between. However, these shared moments should not be confined to status updates, links, images and videos. We are ready for more.

iume is a cloud platform for social networking, collaboration and automation. It picks up where social networking left off and provides a consistent access for staying connected, accomplishing tasks individually or as a group, and maintaining your important information always within reach.

Social Networking

iume integrates with most social networks, and offers its own social network with the same common features you’re already accustomed to. This includes posting status updates, pictures, videos and links, commenting on/liking posts, and checking-in at different locations. But this is where the similarities end.

With Intelliun’s social network, you can also dislike posts, poll others on a subject, and bookmark posts and organize them under your own folders. No more having to type in a whole comment just to voice your dislike of a post. No more running across a post that you really like just to completely lose it a couple of weeks later.

Custom Content

There are thousands of examples of content that are custom to you and your lifestyle. Some fit neatly on a wall and others can have their own folders that you decide who can see. In a few minutes, you can construct a custom content form and start using it. For example, if you’re into cooking and like to share recipes, why not create a recipe form with title, description, ingredients, steps and category, and then have your favorite recipes readily available on your page.

How about if you’re really into golfing and want to share your golf rounds on your wall? You can write how well you did in a status update and select a location and take a picture. But what if you can setup a custom content form with maybe your score, how many holes in regulation, how many putts and other stats you care about. When you finish a round, fill your golf round stats, as easily as making a status update, and decide if you want it posted on your wall or just saved under your golf rounds folder.


Your page is an important part of social networking. It is your bio on the Internet and your podium for speaking to the world. Every user has a page, but can also create and manage additional pages. Your page should be as unique as you, so you can start from a set of standard page layouts, and then customize it to be a better reflection of you.

Content on pages are also configurable and don’t have to be confined to a wall or timeline. You decide the layout of your page, and what content goes where, including custom content you created or gadgets from other applications you use. You can add a tab for each of your hobbies and another for your resume. Your page is your microsite on the Internet and can be as unique as you want it to be.


Collaboration is part of our everyday life, yet most of the collaboration tools out there are geared toward work and business. What starts as a post or a custom content, can easily turn into an activity that has a life of its own and involves multiple people with a common goal of completing that activity. iume provides a set of collaboration tools that augment your social networking ones.

Continuing with the golf round example, a round starts well before you show up at the golf course. So go ahead and invite your foursome, discuss which day works best, poll which course to play, assign making the tee time, and schedule a calendar event when everything is confirmed. On the day of your golf round, start the trash talking in a private chat early with your foursome, even launch Google Hangout for a quick video or voice call, let everybody know when you got to the driving range, then put your phone away and start enjoying the game. All of these interactions are saved with that round and can be viewed by your foursome, your golfing buddies or the world if you choose to.


With an open platform the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to wait for one company to develop new features for your social networking and collaboration needs. The Intelliun AppStore provides a market for people to share their built apps, ranging from a simple custom content form like the golf round example to highly sophisticated consumer or business applications, and everything in between.

Work & Business

Smart Apps

Work smarter not harder with a platform that puts you in the driver's seat and provides you with Smart Apps to collaborate and automate your work activities.

Turn your ideas and domain expertise into Smart Apps. With just a browser and no programming background, you can build applications for your own use or share on the AppStore.